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Add teams to follow

On Sportswik you follow teams you care about and get your personal feed with coverage from the teams you follow.

In the main menu you will find My Teams, where you can search for clubs and add teams to follow. You can also add teams by tapping the team badge at a game.

If your team is not registered on Sportswik yet, you can create your team with a few simple taps.

Post in your team feed

Every team has its own feed where you can post pictures, videos and discussion posts.

Shoot pictures, videos and write posts by tapping the buttons in the bottom report bar.

Select which of your team's feed you want to post to. Players and team staff can choose to show their posts to everyone, or just to players and staff members.

Like and comment pictures, videos and discussion posts.

Live report from games

Every game on Sportswik gets its own timeline where pictures, videos, commenting and cheering is posted with goals, penalties, cards and other game events.

Everyone at the game can shoot pictures, record an interview, game sequence or the victory celebration. Someone does the goal and event reporting using tailor made reporting features for different sports.

Add your games with a few simple taps, if they didn´t come in automatically from our integration with tournaments and federations.